Welcome to the edoras one 1.5.0.S92.1 documentation page! Here you will find the detailed documentation for the users, the release and upgrade notes for the customers and the documentation for the developers. If you have any questions regarding the documentation or have any other questions feel free to have a look at our forum and create a post or find the answer to your question right away.


The documentation consists of the following chapters and it is worth reading as all aspects of edoras one are covered:

  1. Overview: Gives you a general overview of edoras one and its concepts.

  2. User Guide: Shows you how to use edoras one as a user.

  3. Modeler Guide and the tutorial: Explains you all the details about modelling in edoras one and you are able to go through a detailed and easy to understand modelling tutorial.

  4. Administrator Guide: Shows how you can administer the users, groups etc. inside edoras one.

  5. Operator Guide: This guide explains what is needed to install and run edoras one on your infrastructure and how to configure it.

  6. Developer Guide: Here you will find anything about how to use, extend and configure edoras one as a dependency in your project.

  7. CMMN: This part describes the concepts/design of the CMMN engine and how to use and extend it.

  8. edoras gear: The last chapter documents everything about the core of edoras one: edoras gear.

Read the documentation here.

Release and upgrade notes

The release notes shows the new features of the release and the upgrade notes are needed to upgrade to this version. Please ensure that you always read them carefully such that you are easily able to upgrade to this version.

You find the release notes here and the upgrade notes here.

Developer documentation

For the developers we have two documentations:

  1. The developer guide inside the main documentation.

  2. The Java documentation which you will find here.

As stated in the preamble, please check out our forum as there you will find a lot of useful information about the edoras one development with and you will receive support from us or other edoras one developers if you have a question.