edoras one - Release Notes

Version 1.5.0.S89

Hello everyone

CLD 1.5.0.S89 of edoras one is now available:

Release 1.5.0.S89 announces following new features:

  • Upgrade to AngularJS 1.4 with some performance improvements
  • Better handling of expired sessions and login redirection
  • CMMN model element IDs are now visible at design time
  • Button texts support internationalization

Besides of mentioned major improvements release 1.5.0.S89 brings a lot of bug fixes.

Regards, edoras one team

High-level Goals

  • Upgrade to Angular 1.4
  • Improve expired session handling
  • Allow CMMN model element IDs to be visible at design time
  • Support button texts internationalization

Migration Notes

  • As we are now using the Hikari connection pool in our distribution, we recommend to switch to this connection pool as it improves the performance. We will also remove the commons-dbcp:commons-dbcp library in the next release so using this connection pool is deprecated. An example configuration can be found in the edoras one bootstrap project in the /com/edorasware/bootstrap/config/database-config.xml file. For more information please have a look here: https://github.com/brettwooldridge/HikariCP


  • None