edoras one - Release Notes

Version 1.5.0.S73

Hello everyone

CLD 1.5.0.S73 of edoras one is now available:

One of the goals of 1.5.0.S73 release is to provide support creating cases with the reference to the parent work item. New feature supported in 1.5.0.S73 is microsoft word mailing. Mailing allow us to create documents based on work item data. First and last user name becomes mandatory. Do not forget to check your code which is creating or updating user first or last name. Process preview is generated from VIS for process instances which are based on process definitions deployed with 1.5.0.S73 code base. Admin group is automatically added to candidate groups for application work object. Support for inbox cases was removed.

Collapsible subform attribute allows to evaluate status of the subform in runtime (collapsed/expanded).

Current release significantly improves performance for large diagrams manipulation in VIS. Performance testing shows modeling operations take 45% less time than before. This improvement goes hand in hand with modeler memory footprint decrease.

Besides the things mentioned above, we have added various small improvements and many fixes.

Regards, edoras one team

High-level Goals

  • Support parent work item for newly created case
  • Support microsoft word mailings
  • Make first and last user names mandatory
  • Generate process preview from VIS
  • Reimplement access rights synchronization for app workobject - add admin group to application candidate groups
  • Remove InboxCaseProvider
  • Improve performance for large diagrams
  • Provide collapsible feature in subform components

Migration Notes

  • 1.5.0.S73 code base is able to be run only on the data which were patched with 1.5.0.S72-user-changes patch. It is mandatory to upgrade all tenants to edoras one 1.5.0.S72 and apply a 1.5.0.S72-user-changes patch before 1.5.0.S73 code base is executed.
  • The methods getUsersOfGroup, getUsersOfGroups and isUserInGroup of the GroupManager/GroupService have been deleted in favor of the methods in the IdentityManager. The only difference is that the parameters for the id's are Strings instead of typed id's and the return values are user ids instead of user objects.
  • The Group class now has a tenant id and an optional external id property. The factory method signature changed to incorporate the tenant id.
  • The GroupManager is now able to create and update Groups. (Similar to the UserManager) The Group class now has more fields and an assigned GroupType.
  • In the process-engine-config.xml add id='activitiTaskPreviewService' for bean declaration of the class com.edorasware.cloud.core.service.task.ActivitiTaskPreviewService
  • In the vis-application-context.xml add bean declaration for the class com.edorasware.vis.preview.service.VisTaskPreviewService a constructor argument as ref='activitiTaskPreviewService'
  • Remove listener entry for the class com.signavio.platform.listeners.EdorasSessionListener from web.xml
  • The first and last user names are mandatory. Update all your code which creates/updates user first and last name.


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