edoras one - Release Notes

Version 1.5.0.S69

Hello everyone

CLD 1.5.0.S69 of edoras one is now available:

In this sprint we added new IdentityManager bean. IdentityManager bean is ready to be used in BE expressions and script tasks. Currently it allows to call methods related to group management. We avoided storing passwords as a plain text. Current implementation do not allow to get decrypted password from the data stored in the DB.

Sprint release provides recursive subforms support. Recursive subforms allow us to create forum like user interface. The last dependencies on CAS were removed from VIS and edorasone depends on spring security now.

Sprint release integrates widgets from UBS proof of concept. jQuery was upgraded to the 1.10.2 version on the frontend side.

Besides the things mentioned above, we have added various small improvements and many fixes.

Regards, edoras one team

High-level Goals

  • GroupManager in BE expressions
  • Avoid storing passwords in plain text
  • Allow recursive subforms in VIS
  • Remove CAS dependencies from VIS
  • Integrate UBS PoC widgets
  • Upgrade jQuery to 1.10.2

Migration Notes

  • Apply DB upgrade script (e.g. com/edorasware/cloud/core/db/update/one.${DB_TYPE}.update.S57.to.S69.sql), which removes CAS related tables.
  • User attributes have changed(e.g userEmail -> email). Please, check the documentation to get the list of actual user attributes. Do not forget to upgrade your definitions.


  • None