edoras one - Release Notes

Version 1.5.0.S61

Hello everyone

CLD 1.5.0.S61 of edoras one is now available:

In this sprint release we have added the functionality to preview Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point and text files) as PDF. You are also able to download the preview as PDF and use a custom PDF Service task which you can use in processes to convert the office documents to PDF's.

We also added the functionality to preview a process instance such that each token is visualized in the process diagram. For example you are now able to see which user tasks are pending or which timers are waiting.

We also took the whole modularization of the edoras one project one step further. Now edoras vis does not need a configuration directory anymore, because we are now able to configure edoras vis through Spring beans. Also the edoras vis palettes are now bundled in a JAR file to ease the customers setup and the setup for cloud infrastructures. There were also some module dependency changes which eases the integration of edoras one into a custom project.

Regards, edoras one team

High-level Goals

  • Preview of Office documents as PDF
  • Preview for processes
  • Improvements in the project modularization

Migration Notes

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