edoras one - Release Notes

Version 1.5.0.S56

Hello everyone

CLD 1.5.0.S56 of edoras one is now available:

In this sprint release, we have added several new forms components. There are now a Count component, a Simple Button component, and a List Button component available. We have also enhanced the visualization of the existing Attachment component.

The URLs of the work object creation forms now contain the modelId which remains the same over all re-deployments of a given model. This way, when accessing such a URL, the creation form will automatically pre-select the latest version of the model.

On the user form, the groups that a user belongs to are now listed. This allows every user to understand what groups he or she belongs to.

There are also some enhancements related to the built-in search functionality of edoras one.

There is now full support for BPMN user task priorities. Localization of properties and runtime values of properties can now be combined with each other.

When using basic authentication, it is now possible to simulate anonymous login through URL-embedded credentials.

We have continued the modularization of edoras one to further simplify the setup of on-premise projects. For example, the database configuration is now possible via JNDI in both edoras one and edoras vis.

We have also fixed various reported issues and made many small enhancements.

Regards, edoras one team

High-level Goals

  • New Count component, Simple Button component, List Button component
  • Links to the creation form of work objects by model id rather than by definition id
  • Full support for priority attribute on BPMN user tasks
  • Combination of localized properties with runtime properties in edoras vis
  • Support for URL-embedded credentials when using basic authentication
  • Modularization enhancements
  • Search enhancements

Migration Notes

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