edoras one - Release Notes

Version 1.5.0.S55

Hello everyone

CLD 1.5.0.S55 of edoras one is now available:

In this sprint release, we have made some UI improvements that enhance the usability and the appearance of edoras one. For example, the task preview is now integrated as a view, archiving cases and documents is now always done through an action, and the handling of the initial focus on a form has been improved as well.

Both the Image component and the List component have been enhanced with new features. The Image component can now be configured with an underlying navigation link. The List component now appears and behaves like on the dashboards, with the same icons and the same link-enabled title.

We have upgraded our PDF viewer library in order to show the field values in the preview of documents.

The form palette and the process palette have been fine-tuned some more.

The search functionality of edoras one has been enhanced with new capabilities.

We have also continued the modularization of edoras one to further simplify the setup of on-premise projects.

On the technical side, all actions are now translated on the server-side, and the visibility of the dashboards and their views is now controlled on the server-side, too.

Finally, we have taken some first steps into making the JSON format that is sent between the client and the server more powerful, including support for lazy-loading of expression terms.

Regards, edoras one team

High-level Goals

  • Continuation of the edoras one modularization
  • Display of form fields in PDF preview
  • Enhancements of the List Component
  • Enhancements of the Image Component
  • General UI Improvements
  • Palette fine-tuning
  • Enhancements of the search expressions
  • Server-side logic of what dashboards and views are allowed by the current user
  • Initial implementation of the lazy loading mechanism in front-end expressions

Migration Notes

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