1. Basic application layout and navigation

1.1. Dashboards

When you log into edoras one, you will normally see the edoras one user dashboard:


The edoras one dashboards each provide a summary of information that is relevant to a particular user role, in this case the user’s active work items. Only work items that are visible to the current user are displayed. You can change between dashboards using the dashboard selector in the application toolbar:

that depending on the user’s permissions, some dashboards may be available.

1.2. List view

The dashboard widgets typically show a summary of a particular type of work item:


Clicking on the widget header will open the corresponding list view to show the full list of work items (the widget itself only shows the first few):


1.3. Work item page

Clicking on a particular item in the dashboard list will take you directly to the work item page where the work item details can be viewed and/or edited:


The work item page will typically provide a number of different work item views, which can be selected using the icons in the top right-hand corner:


and a number of work item actions in the action toolbar on the right hand side which can be used to perform operations on the work item:


2. Dashboards

2.1. User dashboard

The user dashboard provides a summary of the work items that are related to the workflows currently in progress in edoras one:


The work items shown in the user dashboard are:


a container for related work items and processes.


describes a task to be performed by a user.


a document or other file.


a stored search configuration.

2.2. Modeler dashboard

The modeler dashboard provides a summary of the workflow apps and models: